2013/11/04 GT・キハダ
猛大舞丸24F-MONSTER (170g)プロトタイプ ピンクアワビ、ミノペん丸25FーBFT サバカラー


I hope you are well;
I hope you are well and very sorry for my late reply as we were so busy in the past 2 month, We moved the shop to New Jersey for a bigger location, the new shop is almost 4 time bigger than the previous one.
I just came back from Tanzania and landed some fishes on the Moutoukenmaru lures, the GT is been landed on the new Race Point 150 stickbait rod that is going to be released in another week, and the Yellowfin tuna is been landed on the El Maestro 77H prototype rod that we developed recently a

画像提供:saltywater tackle